Monday, 31 May 2010

Abandoned Caravan Typeface

Whilst taking photographs at the abandoned caravan park site I stumbled across an old 1970s wallpaper book placed on a bench inside the club house. I found it incredible comparing the bright colours inside the book to the old dull flaking paint that covered the walls. 

We were asked to create a decorative typeface depicting the atmosphere of our chosen place. For my typeface I combined photographs of the walls how they are now with the wallpaper designs that I found in the sample book from the 1970s. I used simple shapes for the letters as I wanted them to look like they could have torn out of the wallpaper book as a sample and pasted onto the wall. I added shapes resembling the seaside resort such as seagulls and rocks in the negative spaces of the letters to give the typeface more character and legibility.

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chlorine said...

that wallpaper book looks freaking cool!!