Sunday, 21 October 2012

Ohh Deer, Pillow-fight Competition

Over the last couple of weeks Ohh Deer (an awesome platform for creatives) have had an ongoing competition called pillow-fight which I entered. After the first round of submissions I was given the opportunity to have two of my designs for sale in Ohh Deer's competition shoppe (stoked!)

Needless to say all of us are going to be battling it out over the next 5 days! This is a very limited time for the public to snap up some super quality illustrated cushions! 

If you wanna get up close and personal to my cushions check them out here: "I Stole Your Crown" and "Mountains" they won't be around for much longer! Eeek!

P.s (Also check these guys out) Katy Rose Devorah Hall Sophie Traugut Jordan Carter Amelie Barnathan Deep Sea

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