Monday 21 March 2011


This is a combination of illustrations taken from pages from The Sketchbook Project based on my Manifesto. The main illustrations I incorporated are titled "Feedback" and "Think through making".


Sunday 20 March 2011

A touring library of sketchbooks

The Sketchbook Project - "It's like a concert tour, but with sketchbooks"

For this project the art co-op send out a blank A5 moleskin to participants who fill it up and send it back. This collection of different artists sketchbooks then forms a library which tours around America starting at the Brooklyn Art Library.

My mum got me one of these sketchbooks for my 22nd birthday to get me back into creating and I'm happy to say that a few weeks back I finally sent it off!!

I used this project as the driving force for the Manifesto Brief as I was struggling to get ideas down on paper. Most of the subjects behind my illustrations are to do with self help, personal thoughts and things that I need to remind myself of as an image maker. I really enjoyed working in this sketchbook and allowed myself to skip from one end of the book to the other to minimise pressure. The pages of the moleskin are really thin which I thought would be an issue at first using pen but once I started working in it I quite liked the reverse side of images bleeding through and used it as a sort of layout guide for the next illustration. I really enjoyed this because it made it feel like the illustrations were communicating with each other blending from one page to the next. I felt those pages worked the best and I intend on making a zine based solely on this idea connecting one image from one page to the next and the next...

Below are some of the pages from my sketchbook.

Number One



The Best Ideas Come at Night


Think Through Making

Those Aren't Mine

Make Mistakes


Pencil Freaked

Where am I?

Don't Need to be Saved

The Bigger Picture

Human Touch


Fear of Failure

My Crown my Heart

My Crown My Heart

I Stole Your Crown

I'm in Here

But I Love You

Sky's the Limit

Monday 31 May 2010

Abandoned Caravan Park

Ok so this post is a little overdue.. In March we were given a project based on the atmosphere of a particular place. After researching various derelict hospitals and military camps I came across an abandoned nudist camp situated on one of the many cliff tops on the Isle of Wight. The caravan park opened in the 1970s but was forced to close due to various landslides causing many of the buildings to fall into the sea. It was a bit of an adventure climbing through the ivy and trekking down winding goat tracks but it was well worth it. Once I got to the heart of the site it was incredible. It looked as though whoever had stayed there had just got up and left, leaving behind belongings, cars, furniture even personal letters. Below are some of the photographs I took there.